Our 40th Anniversary

Montgomery Hospice and Prince George’s Hospice is the oldest hospice in Montgomery County, and expanded care to Prince George’s County in 2019. This year we are commemorating 40 years of service to our neighbors and we have many reasons to celebrate!

Our vision of bringing comfort by providing the best care to our community’s multicultural residents has guided our work for 40 years and it manifests in the compassion, commitment, and creativity of our staff, volunteers, and supporters.

Where are we now?

Montgomery Hospice and Prince George’s Hospice has grown from serving seven patients in 1981 as Montgomery Hospice, to more than 2,000 patients now across Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, with 5,700 family and community members receiving bereavement support annually.

As we reflect on these past 40 years, we are grateful for the challenges and experiences that have allowed us to achieve these milestones. Some wisdom we gathered along the way:

  • It takes a village to raise a child, to care for a loved one, to build a community.
    We are thankful for our own “village” of volunteers, partners, and community supporters. It is thanks to their unfaltering commitment that we have been able to succeed in our effort to gentling the journey.

  • Advocacy is key we were built from advocates in the community and are still supported by them.

    • We are advocates – of our patients’ and their families’ needs and wishes.
    • We nurture advocates – by sharing the tools necessary to help people make healthcare decisions about their present and future.
  • Focus on what matters at the heart of our care is each patient and family’s needs, wishes, and beliefs.

    • It is our duty to tailor our care to those needs and meet patients where they are.
    • It is our call to be the stewards of this sacred trust.
  • Sharing is caring – it is true what they say that in teaching others, we teach ourselves.
    These forty years of caring for those living with serious illnesses have given us expertise and acute knowledge. Through our services, we are able to share that wealth with our community, empowering caregivers and professionals, and bringing insight to end-of-life care.

  • Honor the Journey – caring for community members at the end of life is a privilege.

    • Each patient and their family is unique, and we are honored to be trusted with this part of their journey.
    • We are given the opportunity to share precious moments with patients and their loved ones.