Resources for helping a grieving child

If you know a child who is grieving the loss of someone special, here are some ways to help:

  • Listen, listen, listen—listen with your heart, eyes and ears

  • Give a gift of art supplies and toys which can help the child express feelings

  • Give the child a punching bag and other safe ways to express anger

  • Help the child build memories by sharing stories and photos

  • Be honest. If you don’t have an answer to a question, say so, and talk with them about the question

  • Help the child feel secure by expressing your ongoing love and availability

  • Support the whole family to help them keep their normal schedules and routines as possible—this helps children feel safe

More information

How Montgomery Hospice and Prince George’s Hospice helps

Connections is offered by our Bereavement Care program to children ages 4 to 17 who have suffered the loss of a sibling or parent. Youngsters combine arts and crafts along with memory sharing as they learn to cope with loss and grief on their own terms.

Parents and guardians can participate in parallel sessions where they learn to care for themselves and their children as the family adjusts and adapts to loss.

With the support of professional grief counselors and trained volunteers, Connections provides a safe environment where children and adults:

  • Feel less lonely by connecting with others who are also grieving

  • Identify ways grief affects them physically, emotionally and spiritually

  • Express feelings through art and personal ceremony

  • Share stories and memories

  • Learn to practice nurturing self-care