Montgomery Hospice Senior Vice President of Counseling and Family Support, Gary Fink, was included in a newly-published book by Frank Sesno.

Mr. Sesno is Director of the School of Media and Public Affairs at The George Washington University. Mr. Sesno is a long-time journalist, and winner of several awards, including an Emmy and a National Press Club award. Mr. Sesno’s career includes working as a CNN correspondent, anchor and Washington bureau chief.

Frank Sesno’s new book is called Ask More: The Power of Questions to Open Doors, Uncover Solutions, and Spark Change. He interviewed many people for the book, including NPR’s Terry Gross and journalist Anderson Cooper. One chapter in the book about “legacy questions” highlights his discussions with Gary Fink. Mr. Sesno expressed gratitude for his participation: “Your input and your stories added huge depth, texture, and insight. Your observations about the questions people ask — and that you ask — at the end of life were simply terrific. There are so many lessons to be gleaned from your ideas.

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