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Hospice is a part of the health care continuum that focuses on improving the quality of life of patients approaching the end of life.

  • It allows them to live life to the fullest by providing skilled comfort care and symptom management.
  • It offers caregivers and family members the physical, emotional, and spiritual support necessary to continue providing the best possible care for their loved ones.


At Montgomery Hospice and Prince George’s Hospice, we tailor our care to every patient and their family’s needs, making sure that skill, compassion, and cultural competence are the foundations of the care we offer to those living with an advancing life-limiting illness in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties. We are an independent nonprofit hospice organization that has been serving residents of Montgomery County since 1981. In 2019, Montgomery Hospice expanded its care to include Prince George’s County. Our inpatient acute-care facility, Casey House, is where our medical staff provide short-term care for patients with symptoms that require intensive medical attention.


Our team of physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, bereavement counselors, hospice aides, and volunteers brings skilled care and physical, emotional, and spiritual support to our patients—as well as their caregivers and family members.

Our care is brought to the comfort of your place of residence, whether it is your home, a nursing home, or an assisted living facility.

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Casey House is our own acute care inpatient medical facility, where a highly skilled team of professionals care for patients when pain and symptoms cannot be safely or appropriately managed at home.

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At Montgomery Hospice and Prince George’s Hospice, we embrace the diverse spiritual paths within our community, and our spiritual counselors support and honor our patients’ and their families’ traditions and beliefs.

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Montgomery Hospice and Prince George’s Hospice professional bereavement counselors provide grief support to patients’ families for 13 months after the death of their loved one. This includes phone counseling, mailings, support groups, and workshops.

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In addition to conventional medical care, Montgomery Hospice and Prince George’s Hospice offers holistic therapies and services for comfort and symptom relief. These therapies include: Comfort Touch® Massage, Aromatherapy, Music Therapy, Threshold Choir, Animal Companionship, Lavender Oil Hand Massage, Reiki, Music at the Bedside and Reverie Harp. These services are available to patients at home, in facilities and at Casey House.

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By recognizing the unique needs of Veterans and their families, we are able to gentle the journey through their illness and loss, making sure they receive the best quality care possible.

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We provide compassionate, professional care for children who have a life-limiting illness. Care is provided to children of all ages, from infants to teenagers and young adults.

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We are committed to providing education to our patients and their families, to professionals, and to the community. We are continuously making more resources available to help gentle the journey for those in hospice.

Caregivers and Patients

This includes information for families on how to care for a patient, advance care planning, caring for the caregiver, and hospice payment coverage.

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We provide resources on patient eligibility, physician billing, pain management, end-stage indicators, and other clinical information.

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Media & Video Library

Our Media & Video Library consists of our resources in various formats, such as videos and PDFs.

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“I still remember the days with all of you. You not only took exceptional care of my mother—you took good care of me. We will celebrate her life and the family will always be grateful that she passed in peace and comfort in your loving hands. Grateful hugs.” – Patient’s Daughter
If you know someone who may be eligible for hospice

Anyone can refer a patient for hospice care, including a doctor, family member, or the person who is ill.



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