About Us

nurse taking blood pressure of a womanOur Mission
To gentle the journey through serious illness and loss with skill and compassion.

Our Vision
To bring comfort by providing the best care to our community’s multicultural residents who are facing serious illness and loss. To be the best workplace for staff and volunteers.

Our Core Values
The principles that guide our employees and volunteers are:

  • Unconditional Compassion: Compassionate care, partnered with professional excellence, is the heart of our service.
  • Dignity of the Dying: We affirm the right of our patients to be treated with respect, and to be honored as unique individuals.
  • Dedication: We are committed and privileged to ease the burdens and challenges that our patients and families face.
  • Collaboration: Mutual respect, empathy and trust unite us in providing care.

Who Are We?

Montgomery Hospice and Prince George’s Hospice is part of an independent nonprofit organization serving residents in Maryland since 1981. In 2019, Montgomery Hospice, Inc. expanded its care to include Prince George’s County, forming Montgomery Hospice and Prince George’s Hospice. Our team of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, spiritual counselors, social workers, certified nursing assistants, bereavement counselors and volunteers work with our patients and their families to provide quality end-of-life care in homes, nursing and extended care facilities in both Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties. Our inpatient acute-care facility, Casey House, is where our medical staff provide short-term care for patients with symptoms that require intensive medical attention.

What is hospice care?

Hospice care focuses on medical and personal comfort for people living with an illness that is no longer responding to curative treatments. Patients choose hospice when it becomes clear that a cure is no longer likely, and they want comfort care so they can live as fully as possible until the end of life. Hospice care helps patients with physical symptoms like pain or nausea. Hospice staff members also comfort patients, families and friends by helping them feel emotionally and spiritually at peace. They work together with patients and families to bring dignity and well-being to anyone affected by illness and loss.

Why Montgomery Hospice and Prince George’s Hospice?

Montgomery Hospice and Prince George’s Hospice works with patients to understand their goals and objectives for this time in their lives. Members of the hospice team focus on what is important to the patient, which helps us customize our care to the needs of our patients and their families. We provide a range of services and care beyond what is standard under hospice regulations.

What is the cost of hospice services?

As a community based non-profit organization serving residents of Montgomery County and Prince George’s County in Maryland, our commitment to the community is to care for all hospice-eligible patients, regardless of their ability to pay. In general, Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances cover the cost of hospice services. Many hospice patients use the Medicare Hospice Benefit to pay for their care, and coverage by Medicaid and most private insurance is similar to the Medicare Hospice Benefit. Montgomery Hospice and Prince George’s Hospice covers the costs of qualified patients needing care who have no insurance.

When should you call Montgomery Hospice and Prince George’s Hospice?


Call Montgomery Hospice and Prince George’s Hospice anytime to learn about hospice care and get more information – 301-921-4400. We provide information visits free of any cost. Anyone can refer a patient for hospice care, including a doctor, family member or the person who is ill.

Montgomery Hospice, Inc. dba Montgomery Hospice & Prince George’s Hospice is accredited by Community Health Accreditation Partners (CHAP). Community Health Accreditation Partners inspects Montgomery Hospice & Prince George’s Hospice for compliance with Medicare regulations, as well as their own rigorous standards, at least every three years.