Grief can be a difficult and stressful experience, and supporting a grieving friend can be challenging. Feeling awkward and unsure are normal feelings when faced with someone who has had a difficult loss. It is important to reach past your own discomfort because your support is vital as your friend learns to live with loss and find a way towards the future.

Tips for helping a grieving friend

  • Acknowledge your own discomfort.

  • Understand that each person grieves differently.

  • Be patient. Grief takes time.

  • Remember that first birthdays, anniversaries and holidays without a loved one can be very difficult.

  • Avoid platitudes, such as “This is part of God’s plan” or “She is in a better place.”

  • Listen. Be willing to sit in silence.

  • Call and offer specific ways that you can help.

  • Be there for the long haul.

  • Expect ups and downs.

 Download this article for more information: Ways to Help a Grieving Friend

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