Tips to celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day

May brings Mother’s Day and June brings Father’s Day. For those of us who have lost a parent or both parents, these days renew our pain of loss as well as being a time of honoring and remembering our Mom and/or Dad. Whether our parent(s) died a few weeks ago or years ago, these holidays bring a flood of memories and a mixture of sadness and joy and the question of how to honor our deceased Mom and Dad. Here are some ideas that might be helpful:

  • Allow and acknowledge the feelings you have.
  • Plan your day rather than letting it sneak up on you and depress you.
  • Think about a way of honoring your parent on this special day.
  • Think about the positive traits, values, beliefs of your parent(s) which live on in you.
  • Buy that Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card or write a note to your parent and put it by your parent’s photo as a way of saying thank you on this special day.
  • Give someone else a gift in memory of your parent or give a donation to a charity which your parent would have supported.
  • Go on a hike or picnic or do another activity that your parent would have enjoyed and appreciated.
  • Share a meal with others who loved your parent and share stories together.
  • Listen to music that your parent liked or music that reminds you of your parent.
  • Visit a special place to remember or plant a flower in honor of your parent.

by Elaine Tiller, M.Div.

© Copyright 2009 E.Tiller