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“Mom had been staying in a nursing home. Because of difficulties with her breathing, she was hospitalized.  When the doctor said it was probably time for hospice care for Mom, she suggested Casey House as a way to help manage her symptoms. I talked to the Montgomery Hospice social worker at the hospital who provided information and literature about the excellent care at Montgomery Hospice and Casey House.  Once I made the decision, I immediately felt a sense of calm and support.  The transition to Casey House went very quickly and smoothly.


What a relief for Mom to be transported to Casey House! At Casey House, we felt welcomed and at home. We could come and go at any time. We were able to treat the Casey House great room as though it was our own den. My siblings were there a lot and we were able to be together very comfortably as a family. Friends came too. The grandchildren were able to play Nintendo on the Casey House TV. We were able to provide pizza for our kids at the table. That was so reassuring and helpful.


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