Spiritual Counseling

For many patients and families, serious illness raises questions about meaning and purpose, questions such as: “Why is this happening to me? Why now? What does it mean to me, to my family? ” To help people cope with spiritual distress, Montgomery Hospice and Prince George’s Hospice offers non-denominational spiritual care.

Spiritual counseling is an integral aspect of providing hospice services. Counselors are able to give emotional and non-biased spiritual support for patients and families coping with end-of-life. Hospice care, and the end of life, are treated differently across various religions, cultures, and ethnicities. Our counselors are here to help patients and their families as they navigate what their journey means to them spiritually.

We prioritize our relationship with the members of our community. We are present among established areas in the county, including synagogues, churches, senior networks, and more. Learn more about our role as hospice chaplains here: Hospice Chaplains and Spiritual Care

Gesher Shalom: Jewish Resources

Gesher Shalom: Bridge of Peace provides resources, services and support to Jewish individuals and families associated with Montgomery Hospice and Prince George’s Hospice. We recognize that people are at different places along the religious and cultural continuum, and we work to meet each individual’s particular spiritual needs. Rabbis are available to help families with end-of-life discussions.

American Muslim Senior Society

Maintaining strong bonds with community members, we provide education and training for the American Muslim Senior Society (AMSS) Ambassadors program which supports seniors and their families facing serious illness.

Christian Communities

We work closely with local parishes and congregations to meet individual spiritual needs, including blessings, last rites, etc. Many of our Christian patients and families may rely on the rituals of prayer, scripture and quiet time (meditation) to support them as they prepare for end of life and grieve their loved ones. These aspects of peace, hope, faith, prayer, forgiveness, and grace can be a significant strength. While we cannot always change the crisis that we face, we can help change the mental and physical strain that it puts on our patients and families minds and bodies.

Faith and Comfort Corner

At a time such like this, when every aspect of our lives is being challenged, we look for sources of strength and resilience to help us navigate the unknowns of this pandemic. While we are all vulnerable to COVID-19, we are also guarded by the fortitude of our loved ones and our community, and as we work together to mitigate this pandemic through social distancing, Montgomery Hospice and Prince George’s Hospice wants to remind you that we are here for you. We are sharing words of comfort with our community. May their wisdom resonate with our hearts, and bring peace and joy to our collective journey. 

Comforting spiritual content, and an opportunity for community members to send us their thoughts