Multi-Cultural Resources

Webinar on Chinese American Perspective

Webinar on African American Perspective

Maryland Advance Directives translated (Via the Montgomery County Coalition on End-of-Life Care)

Letters for families:

Letters (in English and Spanish) explaining our services to patients who are facing a life-limiting diagnosis.

Informational letter for patients and families (English)

Informational letter for patients and families (Spanish)

TV show: MOSAIC: An African American Perspective
Deborah Milo talks to Montgomery Hospice and Prince George’s Hospice (now former) board chairman, the Reverend Dr. Sterling King and (now former) medical director, Dr. Geoff Coleman.

Montgomery Hospice & Prince George’s Hospice Article: Why You, An African American, Should Choose Hospice Care

Washington Post article: How Alzheimer’s turned a daughter into her mom’s mom
Finding little information, especially from an African American perspective, she wrote a book.

Pain Management
How We Relieve Patient Pain and Fears

Flyer in Spanish: Como Mitigamos el Dolor y los Miedos del Paciente

​(Note: the flyer includes questions and answers about end-of-life use of morphine.)